Elderly Rights Project

香港老人權益聯盟 (Elderly Rights League) (H.K.)


Without the contributions by its elderly people, Hong Kong would not be the prosperous place that it is today. Currently there are 370,000 elderly living under the poverty line with a monthly expenditure of less than HK$2,000. In the absence of a post-retirement security system, some elderly still collect paper in the streets to make a living. The government has created an extra burden on the elderly by recently increasing medical care charges. SoCO organises the sick and elderly people to fight for improving their livelihoods and targets elderly homeowners in older urban areas, non-CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Allowance) receiving elderly poor, elderly in employment and elderly people being abused in work and home situations.

SoCO has:

- successfully fought for the Housing Authority to relax the asset limit for public housing allocation for the elderly.
- assisted nearly a thousand elderly people in establishing the Hong Kong Elderly Rights League, striving to improve the elderly CSSA, retirement security, elderly home services and other welfare grants.
- helped thousands of elderly living in buildings without an elevator to fight for allocation to public housing units.
- Successfully requested the Housing Authority to develop plans for restoration of buildings in old areas, indoor maintenance grants and loan schemes.
- Researched the need for and concerns in relation to funeral services to publicize the needs of the elderly living alone without support.
- helped more than 1,000 elderly households every year to apply for social security services or the allocation of public housing, households and transfer.

Contact address :52 Princess Margaret Road, 3/F, Homantin, Kln., HK. Tel: (852) 2713 9165 Fax: (852) 2761 3326 E-mail: soco@pacific.net.hk

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