Patients' Rights

We uphold patients' rights because we do not want the medical system, which over-stressed professionalism, to bury the right to decide and choose, as well as the dignity of each individual patient.

After years of championing the cause, Hong Kong people now know their rights if they need medical attendance. However, the protection of patients' rights in Hong Kong still lags behind that of other developed countries. In Hong Kong, medical professionals dominate patients and cover one another; and the Government and medical organizations snub patients' rights are but common phenomenon. Patients' right to know and choose, their privacy and their right of making complaints are far from being protected.

In 1992, SoCO set up the Hong Kong Patients' Rights Association to advocate patients' rights in Hong Kong through educating the community and helping citizens launch their medical complaints. Our effort has successfully protected the rights of a number of victims who have falling into medical malpractice and helped them get their compensation. SoCO actively gives suggestions on medical structure and medical financing reform. We hope to establish a fair, transparent and independent medical complaints system, so as to develop a culture of mutual respect in the medical sector.