Society for Community Organization (SoCO)

Society for Community Organization (SoCO) firmly believes that everyone should be entitled to equal rights. Equal opportunity for participation and fair distribution of social resources is the foundation of human rights. In the face of the widening disparity between the rich and the poor, and the increasingly restrictive political arena, we stand firm in our crusade to establish an equal society and to build a strong power base for the people. We are motivated by a common dream, and that is: "Let us work hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to build a caring, equal and just society".

SoCO is an incorporated, non-profit-making and non-governmental community organization. It was formed in 1972 by church people and was financially supported by donations from churches, overseas funding bodies, the Community Chest and individuals. SoCO has, through civic education programs and social actions, nurtured grassroots people with a sense of civic responsibility so that they can flex their political muscle. These people have, during the course, regained their self-confidence and cemented with one another to champion for an equal social system.

Grassroots people are struggling day in and day out to keep their head above water. It is most scornful to see economic development brings social inequality. These deprived cannot enjoy our economic success. They have been snubbed and fallen into oblivion . Standing in the line of dejection are caged lodgers, tenants with financial difficulties and living in appalling conditions, aged singletons, street-sleepers, mothers with no one-way permit to live in Hong Kong, families made up of new immigrants and boat dwellers, etc. They are our serving targets.

In the coming years, SoCO will stand four square behind the grassroots in supporting them fight for their rights and social justice. By doing so, we hope that we can realize our common dream of making "all members of human family equal" .

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