基層婦女與領帶同行 齊住變  展覽

Her TieJourney “Trapped” @ SSP Exhibition



Exhibit Handmade products of the underprivileged women and photos of the inadequate housing, Trapped


合辦Co-organizers: 香港社區組織協會Society for Community Organization, 愛連心Les Beatitudes



          贊助 Sponsor:



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Special Events

基層婦女貧窮狀況 Underprivileged women poverty situation



CEDAW, the United Nations


SoCO Women

Empowerment Project

基層婦女自強故事 Empowerment stories of grassroots women


Grassroots women handmade products


Subscribe women handmade products




有關展覽 About exhibition



現時香港貧窮人口為135.25萬,女性貧窮人口高達728,400人,貧窮人口超過一半(54%),其中不少因為照顧家庭,而未能工作,住陷入貧窮中。為了倡議婦女工作權利,過去幾年,本會與愛連心 Les Beatitudes 合作培訓過百名婦女製作手袋、皮革用品等,宣揚本地創作及手作。呼籲男女互助,更請男士捐贈領帶作為材料,支持環保。設計以香港交通公具及文化為主題的圖案,宣揚本地特色及香港故事。




Hong Kong has 1.35 million people living in poverty and over 728,400 are women (54%). Many women are at a disadvantaged position, as they have to take care of their family and cannot work full time. In order to support women in need, SoCO has partnered with Les Beatitudes to provide training to over a hundred mothers on hand made bags and leather goods. We encourage men to support by donating their neckties as material to re-use and recycle, a ”HeForShe” project.  Through the handmade art and craft, we retell the story of the city through interesting and uniquely Hong Kong heritage and transportation all via collage designs.


TieJourney is a special exhibition created by grassroots sewing mothers and local artists which depict Hong Kong local specialties. It also demonstrates how men and women can bond together and support each other on their life journey by simply sharing a necktie.



開幕Opening:             7/5/2018 (Mon) 4:30pm


展期 Exhibition Date:   12/5/2018  to  1/7/2018

時間Exhibition Time:   11:00  - 18:00  (Sat /Sun 星期六/), Others by appointment

地址Venue: 1/F, 269 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po (close to Sham Shui Po railway station Exit C2) 深水埗汝州街 269 1 (近深水埗鐵路站出口C2)


(Free Admission  免費入場)


特備活動Special Events


1.     慈善母親節下午茶時間 與基層媽媽及設計師媽媽真情對話

Charity Tea for Mother’s Day – Sharing with sewing mothers and Artists


Date: 13 May 2018 (Sun)

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Venue: 1/F, 269 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po (close to Sham Shui Po railway station Exit C2)

Enrollment:  Donation of $200 and call to 27139165 / 9152 4331 (first come, first served)


2.     慈善深水埗特色文化街道及店鋪遊 Charity Tour and shop to Sham Shui Po special streets and shop


Date:   3 June 2018 (Sunday)

Time:   2:30pm to 4pm ($100 for charity)

Venue: 1/F, 269 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po (close to Sham Shui Po railway station Exit C2)

Enrollment:  Donation of $100 and call to 27139165 / 9152 4331 (first come, first served)


3.     基層媽媽真人圖書館Human Library Dialogue with Grassroots women living in Sub-divided flat (Free admission)


Date: 10 June  2018 (Sun)

Time: 2:30pm to 4pm

Venue: 1/F, 269 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po (close to Sham Shui Po railway station Exit C2)

Enrollment:  call to 2713 9165 / 9152 4331 (first come, first served)


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基層婦女貧窮狀況 Underprivileged women poverty situation


香港人Hong Kong Population


貧窮人口Poor population in Hong Kong


女性貧窮人口 Women in poverty


籠屋劏房人數No. of people living in inadequate housing


女性租住劏房人數No. of women living in inadequate housing


房平均面積 /(平方呎) Average size of sub-divided unit (sq.ft.)


房平均呎租  / () Average rent rate of sub-divided unit (HKD)


籠屋平均面積 /(平方呎) Average size of caged home (sq.ft.)


籠屋平均呎租 / () Average rent rate of caged home (HKD)



資料來源: 2017政府統計處 扶貧委員會「2016年香港貧窮情況報告」

Source:  Census  and Statistics Department 2017 and “Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2016”


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第三條: 「締約各國應承擔在所有領域,特別是在政治、社會、經濟、文化領域,採取一切適當措施,包括制定法律,保證婦女得到充分發 展和進步,其目的是為確保她們在與男子平等的基礎上,行使和享有人權和基本自由。」


第十一條: 人人有不可剝奪的工作權利,締約各國應採取一切適當措施,消除在就業方面對婦女的歧視,以保證她們在男女平等的基礎上享有相同的權利。


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 Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)



Article 3: ‘States Parties shall take in all fields, in particular in the political, social, economic and cultural fields, all appropriate measures, including legislation, to ensure the full development and advancement of women, for the purpose of guaranteeing them the exercise and enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms on a basis of equality with men..’


Article 11: ‘States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of employment in order to ensure, on a basis of equality of men and women, the same right……’


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香港社區組織協會 婦女工作計劃



為了支援基層婦女貧,香港社區組織協會一方面倡議增設托兒服務、立法推行家庭友善、支援婦女創業等,另一方面與社企, 慈善機構公司合作,為婦女提供培訓、在家工作及創業的機會。以助基層婦女發揮所長,並改善她們的生計。




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Women Work Empowerment Project by Society for Community Organization



To support the women to grow out of poverty, Society for Community Organization (SoCO) advocates more childcare support, stronger legislations to promote family-friendly culture, and support for women’s entrepreneurship. At the same time, SoCO also partners with social enterprises, NGO and companies to offer women the opportunities to work at home, receive training and develop entrepreneurship. This could help unleash the potential of the grassroots women and may improve their livelihood.


These women are all from grassroots families and they devote themselves on caring of the family. They may be plain and ordinary, yet they are all diligent mothers. Their skillful hands, can-do spirit and the urge for a happy and fruitful life for the family lead them to sew and make leather goods for Les Beatitudes.  Every stitch and thread represents these mothers’ love for their family and most of hope for the society!


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基層婦女自強故事 Empowerment stories of Grassroots women



潘萬玲 Ling POON


他的領帶 她的手袋 [政府新聞網 (11/3/2018)]










From his ties to her bags [News.gov.hk (11/3/2018)]


Ling Poon, who is working with Les Beatitudes, is one of these "sewing mums" who upcycle used ties into bags.


"We wash the ties that have been collected, iron them and use them to make purses. We use the odd bits to make collages."


She has been with Les Beatitudes since 2015 and said the job has helped her bounce back from hard times.


"I was fired three years ago and had no income. I am so glad I found Les Beatitudes. Now I can work and take care of my family."


She said her husband did not support her work at the beginning, but he changed his mind after a purse made by her was used by Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

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池桂葉 CHI Kwai Yip






Les Beatitudes的卡紙牌大都是由她製作,為求美和及時交貨,她有時不惜通宵達旦趕工。她的韌力是訓練有素的,好幾年前,她常要衣不解帶日夜照顧腎病的丈夫,所以來港近二十年,她一直忙於照顧丈夫、年老母親及兒子及做清潔工作,她極少有機會遊玩香港。去年當她首次與愛連心同事乘搭電車時,她興奮得像個小孩!她最大的夢想是幫到多些人,她便很滿足!


想向特首講的話: 請多關心基層婦女工作,大家都想有多些工作!


“Quality is really important. When people entrust us to do something, we must do our best!”


Kwai Yip worked as a quality control and she has high standards. She also has a strong sense of responsibility and is very empathetic and compassionate. In light of this, Les Beatitudes has chosen her among the SoCO members to help distributing and collecting bags from the sewing mothers. She would also help check quality of the products. Besides, she cares about and encourages other women. If she knows someone encounters difficulties, she would even make a home visit to check on them. She often visits the singleton elderly.


Most of the cards of Les Beatitudes are made by her and sometimes she works till late in order to meet the deadline and ensure high quality. Her perseverance is well respected. A few years ago, she started to take care of her husband who suffered from kidney disease. In the close-to-20 years-time since she came to Hong Kong, she has been busy with taking care of her husband, elderly mother, son and working as cleaners. She seldom has time and opportunity to go around Hong Kong. When she had her first tram ride with Les Beatitudes’ team, she was so excited like a child! Her biggest dream is to help more people.


Message to the Chief Executive: Please care more about job opportunities of grassroots women. We all want to work more!


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王桂英 WONG Kwai Ying



別小看我們家庭主婦!業餘裁縫以針線尋回自我 (metropop (28/12/2017)






Don’t underestimate us! Amateur sewing mothers finds her own self through needles and threads [Source: metropop (28/12/2017)]


Wong Kwai Ying who came to Hong Kong over ten years ago is responsible for taking apart and ironing neckties. And organizing all these different ties this is not an easy job. Living at Sham Shui Po, she said Hong Kong is far from her imagination: “I thought Hong Kong was the Pearl of the Orient, but I am not used to living at cubicle apartments as whilst I resided in China, our home is much bigger.” I was also afraid of going out.  She said she often lost her direction. “Nevertheless, I could withstand all these for my children”, yet her accent still remains a hurdle for her to find a job.


When she heard of the sewing class offered by Les Beatitudes, “I immediately applied for it. My sewing skills are so bad that I could barely sew a straight line, but I am very interested in it. I was so satisfied when I made my first wallet!” She gradually learnt how to sew and met new friends. “I was shy but now I am happy to have a group of friends.


It’s easy to damage the neckties as they are soft. Her ability to perfectly take apart a necktie has made her important member of the Les Beatitudes team. “Our family has had financial difficulties. I didn’t expect I could support the family through sewing.” Although she now receives support from her daughter in the family, she still persists in sewing as she believes she can find her own world even she is just a housewife.


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杜開雲  DU Kai Yun   


男士捐領帶 基層婦女靠巧手製高檔手袋皮革 落戶中環元創方 (明報, 201658)






想向特首講的話: 住劏房真會住到人痴線! 關心基層請加快分配公屋!


Men donating neckties and grassroots women handmake high-end handbags and leather goods launching in PMQ (Ming Pao, 6 May 2018)


“I really want to get into public housing. The small place I am living at is so small that it’s very tough for me to sew.”


Du Kai Yun (Left of the picture) lives in a subdivided unit smaller than 100 square feet. She has to walk over a hundred steps every time she go out or go home. There are rats, cockroaches and bed bugs along the way. After I climb up the stairs, here comes the stuffy air and our small living space. It is hot like fireplace during summer and the street market outside is really noisy, so she often suffers from insomnia. She feels that she is close to a mental breakdown. Luckily, she still keeps hope high on “getting out of poverty and living a stable life with her son”. Therefore, despite the cramped space, she still keeps her sewing machine. She had worked as a garment worker in China for 5 years and she is in love with this job. However, she couldn’t find similar sewing job after she came to Hong Kong in 2014. She was so excited to know she could sew bags that she even brought her son together to request to join the bag sewing class. She learns bag making with all her heart in hope of leading a stable life through hard work.

Message to the Chief Executive: Living at subdivided units could drive people crazy! Please care more about the grassroots and speed up the process of allocating public housing!


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李月琴  LI Yuet Kam


 攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming






Yuet Kam came to Hong Kong to reunite with her family in 1990 and got married in 1996. She worked as a garment worker at a factory in Lai Chi Kok. However, the factory relocated to China in 1997 and she changed to working in the packaging industry. She is glad that she could work and pick up sewing again. At her 50s, her eyesight is not that good anymore, so sometimes she will sew under sunlight at the park. Her crafts are always perfect and they pass the quality check immediately every time. She hopes to do more handcrafts, make more money to support the studies of her daughter. Seeing her daughter enter the university is her biggest dream!

Message to the Chief Executive: I hope there will be more job opportunities. Women really want to work.


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藍壬嬌 LAN Ren Jiao


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming




想向特首講的話: 要多些推行家庭友善政策。綜援工作的豁免入息限額可否由$800加到$3,000? 可以給子女多些錢報名學習活動。


“I really want to open a store to do sewing work for clients and sell my crafts at the same time. Unfortunately, the rent is too expensive!” Jiao had worked as a garment worker at a factory in China since she was 16. She was best at sewing jeans. She came to HK to reunite with her husband and children in 2008. Unfortunately, her husband died of illness and she has to work part-time to take care of her four children. However, due to soaring rents for subdivided units and high course fees, she has no choice but to apply for CSSA. The current situation is the best working pattern for her as she can sew handbags and take care of children at home. Besides sewing bags, she also works as a cleansing worker. It is a busy yet fruitful life!


Message for the Chief Executive: Please implement more family-friendly policies. Is it possible to raise the disregard earning limit of CSSA from $800 to $3,000. In this case we could have more money to apply for more learning activities for our children.


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蕭毫英XIAO Hao Ying


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming






想向特首講的話: 鋪租太貴了,請立法管制租金!


“I want to run a business and be my own boss!”


Hao Ying had worked at garment factory since she was 16, but she did not really like it so she changed to sell handbags and clothes 3 years later. After coming to Hong Kong in 2009, she wanted to open a store so she could strike a balance between taking care of family and running her business. However, her plan didn’t work due to high shop rents. As her husband does not earn much working as a tram driver, the family has never had chance to go on a tram ride. Nevertheless, she could sew the tram collage bag for Les Beatitudes. To increase income and working experience, sometimes she would sell her products on the streets and this could satisfy her dream to be a boss.


Message for the Chief Executive: The shop rents are too high, please introduce legislation to regulate rents!


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張月明 CHEUNG Yuet Ming    


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming






想向特首講的話: 希望建公屋,多關注學生和老人


“I really like garment industry. I am happy whenever I can sew clothes!”


Yuet Ming had worked as a garment worker at a factory since she was 16-year-old. After coming to Hong Kong in 2006, taking care of the family became her main duty as her children were young and she couldn’t find day care service. She would scavenge for cardboard for a living with her daughter. Lacking money and space in the subdivided unit, she couldn’t buy a sewing machine at home. Luckily, a kind-hearted boutique owner offered her a part-time job as a warehouse keeper. Sometimes she also helped altering garments with sewing machines. Today she has the opportunity to sew tie bags for Les Beatitudes, and she treats every bag as her own “baby”, thus very devoted to it. She treats the crafts as her children. Every time she finished a craft, it’s like a new baby is born. Her dream is to own a garment factory so that she could keep sewing.


Message for the Chief Executive: Please build more public housing units and pay more attention to student and elderly issues.


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陳轉歡 CHAN Chuen Foon       


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming






想向特首講的話: 希望可以有人捐衣車及地方給婦女工作。


“I didn’t expect I could make such beautiful bags!”


Chuen Foon loved to sew and do needlework since she was young, but she had never worked at a garment factory. After she arrived in Hong Kong in 2004, she has been doing part-time cleaning work. With a broken family, she has to take care of her daughter alone. This was very upsetting and she felt hopeless for a long time. She joined SoCO handbag class in 2015 and received sewing training for the first time.  She felt in love with sewing bags immediately. Her high-quality workmanship amazes many people and she is so pleased and proud of that. Foon is very motivated and she hopes to make money to let her daughter go for more tuition, and have a higher chance to enter the university. The lighting at home is too dim for her to sew the bags, so she sews in the park where there is abundant sunlight. Sometimes she would even sew together with Li Yuet Kam at the park.


Message for the Chief Executive: I hope someone would donate sewing machines and offer a place for the women to work.


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陳鳳仙Chan Fung Sin


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming






想向特首講的話: 請多關心單親,單親真的很難!


“I feel a sense of satisfaction when someone buys my bags!”


Even after moving from subdivided unit to a public housing flat, Fung Sin’s home is still filled with fabrics. She sews bags every day but she is no garment worker, she repairs sewing machines instead. Her husband is the one who is good at sewing and they were a loving couple. That’s why after the pass of her husband, she felt like doomsday arrived and she developed depression. Luckily, the two children become her motivation for life. Nowadays, her husband’s sewing machine became her favorite items and she sews every day whenever she misses her husband. There has a stockpile of her own handmade jean bags at home, but she couldn’t get a hawker license. Therefore, she set up booth at temporary hawker bazaars and her two children would help her with that too. She also joined the bag sewing class by SoCO: “I have never made such delicate handbag, I am so happy I could learn new skills!” In her 60s, she is still eager to learn!

Message to the Chief Executive: Please care more about single parents. Single parents are having a hard time!


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蕭汝群 XIAO Ru Qun


攝影Photo: 劉肇銘Lau Siu Ming








想向特首講的話: 給多些工作婦女,婦女好想工作。


“As long as there is order coming in and I can make money, I am very energetic!”


Qun is extremely busy taking care of her family as her husband who is sick and her children are still very young. But she still misses the chance to work and she would squeeze time to learn how to sew tiebags.


With over ten years’ experience of sewing, she basically knows how to sew everything and best at sewing sportswear, but sewing such delicate bags is quite a challenge for her and not easy. Yet she feels a sense of satisfaction after finishing it. She hopes to have more orders coming in so she could work more. Her biggest dream is to open a store and sell everything she could think of: “I can sell bags, vegetables, or anything else, so I can have the opportunity to life myself out of poverty!


Message to the Chief Executive: Please create more job opportunities to the women. Women really want to work.


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凌嘉敏Carmen LING






想向特首講的話: 請多重視民生,幫助基層婦女解決就業問題。


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林素芬Sofia LAM


「好有興趣啊! 但皮革太貴了!




想向特首講的話:  請關注婦女就業、改善交通配套、降低樓價。


“I am so glad that the wine glass charms I made could take the plane to travel around the world! Even celebrities bought them!”

Carmen had followed her mother, a garment worker, to do crafts. But she worked as a clerk in China. After she came to Hong Kong, she and her young daughter relied solely on her husband to make money. Due to high subdivided unit rents, she had always wanted to do part-time jobs to support her family and lessen the burden on her husband, but it was hard to find a job that could let her take care of her daughter. At that time, she knew SoCO just opened a leather class and immediately applied for it. She learnt to make card holders and wine glass charms. After Cathay Pacific placed an order to sell our wine glass charms during inflight sales, she kept making wine glass charms all day and night. Under high stress, she wrongly used her strength and her hands got hurt during the process. But when she saw her crafts were being sold, and brought by celebrities, she was really satisfied. Her biggest dream is to make more money herself and buy a flat herself to get rid of subdivided unit.

Message to the Chief Executive: Please put more emphasis on improving people’s livelihood and help solve the employment issues of grassroots women.


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黃雅娜WONG Nga Na




因家庭破裂,與女兒相依為命,一直情緒低落,加上女兒尚年幼,難以找到工作,所以來中心做義工,知道開皮革班,立即報名,因為她一向喜愛皮革的用品,認為較耐用又美觀,只是自己收入少,難以買皮製用品,上課可以親手製作皮革,令她很有滿足感,愛連心的酒杯圈,她很熟悉當中技巧,有婦女不懂,她都會傾力相教,製作皮革令她生活得很有滿足感,她還矢志日後要做老板,要脫貧! 她很留意市消息及常去擺檔,練習做老板。


想向特首講的話:  希望開多些免費的地方低收入的婦女有試業的地方、並資助婦女創業。


“Every product does not come easily, if you want it pretty you have to be really attentive!”


With a broken family, Nga Na lives only with her daughter. It is hard for her to find a job as she has been upset and her daughter is still too young, so she volunteers at SoCO instead. She applied for the SoCO leather class once she knew about it. She has always loved leather products which is durable and beautiful, but she cannot afford to buy leather products as she does not have much income. Nevertheless, she could make leather products herself during class, that gives her and sense of satisfaction. She is familiar with the techniques of making wine glass charms of Les Beatitudes and she would guide the women encounter difficulties while making the wine glass charms. Making leather products adds colour to her life. She aims at becoming a boss and grow out of poverty! She keeps herself updated to the news about hawker bazaars and often goes to set up booths to practice being a boss.


Message to the Chief Executive: I hope the government could offer more free places for low-income women to test their business operations, and subsidise the women to start business.


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基層婦女手作產品  Grassroots women handmade products


平扣手袋Collage clutch / 扣手袋Bag

長型手袋Long Tie Pouch / 小手袋Short Tie Pouch




肩背袋Collage Tote Bag


酒杯圈Wine Charm


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支援基層婦女 訂購基層婦女手作產品 

Support grassroots women, subscribe grassroots women handmade products



下載訂購表 Download subscription form

Online Shop



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Organizer : 愛連心Les Beatitudes & Ms. Margaret LEUNG

Sponsor : 周大福慈善基金 Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation

Curator : 馬穎言

Winnie MA Collage Artists : Grace TAM & Garlin LEE

Script : Ashley WU, Melissa LEE, Joseph HA

Panel Design : Henry LEE

Exhibition Mounting : Henry LEE & Leo CHOW


手作媽媽Handbags Sewing Mother:


潘萬玲 Ling POON, 池桂葉 Susan CHI Kwai Yip, 王桂英 WONG Kwai Ying,

藍壬嬌 LAN Ren Jiao, 李月琴 LI Yuet Kam, 張月明 CHEUNG Yuet Ming,

蕭毫英 XlAO Hao Ying,  陳轉歡 CHAN Chuen Foon, 杜開雲 DU Kai Yun,

陳鳳仙 CHAN Fung Sin, 蕭汝群 XIAO Ru Qun, 馮林利FENG Lin Li, 凌嘉敏Carmen LING,

林素芬Sofia LAM, 黃雅娜WONG Nga Na, 朱孝君 Kathy CHU, 黃小群HUANG Xiao Qun


愛連心顧問Advisor for Les Beatitudes:


Principal at Chun Tok School, 黎美霞 LAI Mi Har

Vice Principal at Chun Tok School, 程秀雯 CHING Sau Man


義務攝影師Volunteer Photographer: 劉肇銘LAU Siu Ming


社協資助伙伴SoCO Funding Partners:



Bread for the World

The Community Chest of Hong Kong

Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic



查詢Enquiry: 2713 9165 / 9152 4331 ( 施麗珊姑娘 Ms. SZE Lai Shan )


與弱勢並肩,為公義行動  For People, We Care; For Justice, We Act!



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