Cage Homes and Old Private Housing Residents Project

A bed without bugs, a separate and hygienic place: every cage home resident's dream house

In Hong Kong there are about 100,000 single elderly people, low-income families, new immigrants, poor children and people suffering from mental and physical disabilities that live in inadequate housing, including: cage homes, cubicle apartments and roof-top flats. These people have inadequate food and clothing and do not live in adequate accommodation. SoCO individually visits these poor households and follows up on their needs, organizing them to fight for public housing allocation and livelihood protection.

Each year SoCO currently and successfully:

- Assisted over 1,000 low-income cage home residents to obtain public housing allocation
- Provided housing, employment and financial consulting services for over a thousand people
- Fought for priority allocation for elderly cage home residents
- Fought for relaxation of the current housing eligibility requirements for the mentally ill
- Fought for a relaxation of the urban housing allocation

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