Ode to the Yellow River Charity Concert 2024

Date & Time:

17/9/2024 (Tue) 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Concert Hall of Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Volunteer Performers

The Gustav Mahler Orchestra

SoCO Children Chinese Orchestra

SoCO Children Chinese dancing

SoCO Children Choir


Project Sponsorship

Your donation impacts not just our music.

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Sponsored projects will be acknowledged in the catalog, press releases, the association’s website and Facebook.

All donations and proceeds from the association’s ticket sales will be donated to the association’s poverty alleviation work.

SoCO Chinese Orchestra

The Society for Community Organization Children’s Chinese Orchestra was established in 2018, consisting of grassroots children and teenagers aged between 10 and 16. The orchestra started with 20 members and has gradually increased to 30 members. It may seem easy, but every step has not been simple. Their opportunities to learn instruments come from the community organization’s Chinese music classes, and many children have to practice in small and cramped rooms. With their perseverance and hard work, the orchestra has matured step by step.

SoCO Choir

The Society for Community Organization Children’s Choir was established at the end of 2019, with members aged between 5 and 8 from grassroots families. Through regular choir training, members gradually enhance their confidence and teamwork spirit. It’s understandable that younger children require more time for adjustment and learning in the initial stages of practice. After over half a year of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the children needed to restart their practice. Fortunately, they all love singing, so they quickly got back on track. Over the past two years, the choir has been invited to participate in concerts and charity events multiple times, receiving positive feedback!

SoCO Chinese Dance Troupe

The Society for Community Organization Chinese Dance Troupe began in 2019, with members aged 9 to 12 from grassroots families. The journey of the dance troupe’s development has not been smooth sailing. Initially, the children who participated were highly motivated to learn, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese dance classes were forced to suspend multiple times, and planned performances were canceled. After nearly half a year of suspension, the children resumed their practice. Fortunately, their love for Chinese dance did not dim because of the pandemic; instead, they became even more actively involved in practice. Despite the difficulty of limited practice space, both teachers and children did not give up, actively preparing for the upcoming performance.

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