Words from Director

The income disparity in Hong Kong remains serious that the grassroots undergo hard days in their life, and their situation become even worse under the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the people in Hong Kong in all walks of life. Many faced immense difficulties, putting the livelihood and wellbeing of the marginalized at risk. The most vulnerable include unemployed singletons who can barely make ends meet and low-income families who are under-employed or simply unemployed. During school suspensions, parents were physically and psychologically burdened, as children in poor families struggle with online learning. Given the higher mortality rate of COVID-19, single elderly live in fear whilst the homeless continue to be neglected. These are the people that we serve and your support makes it possible for us to help them pass through the most difficult times


In view of the small scale and inadequate of resources, SoCO believes that everyone should enjoy a life of dignity. With your generous support, we put our best effort to coordinate community resources to help the families and individuals in need. No acts of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Since the coronavirus outbreak, health protection products like surgical masks, supermarket vouchers, computer and internet access facilities were delivered to over 10,000 poor households, helping over 20,000 people. Apart from assistance in kind, we have also set up an emergency fund to provide emergent financial support to poor families and individuals.


As for financial resources, SoCO’s funding mainly received donations from local fund-raising campaign, including on-street fund-raising campaign and monthly donations, the Community Chest of Hong Kong, Social Welfare Department, local charitable foundations and oversea churches. SoCO thank you to every generous donor who ignites hope for the underprivileged community. In the road of combating poverty, we are not alone.


“For people we care, for justice we act.” is the mission of SoCO over the past decades. SoCO will continue to serve the marginalized groups in the community, advocate for policy changes to safeguard human rights and dignity of life.

HO Hei Wah, JP, BBS

Director of The Society for Community Organization Limited