Your donation can help the poverty-stricken and underprivileged community.


Hong Kong is colourful and glittery. However, in this glamourous city, there are still two hundred thousand odd people living in poor environments.


They have contributed to Hong Kong’s prosperity but some of them cannot share the fruits. They are street-sleepers, lonely elderly people, people plagued with poverty and illnesses and women and children in hardship.


It is difficult for Hong Kong people living in rapid pace to imagine the residences of these two hundred thousand people, where one can touch all four walls by stretching the arms, there is no window for ventilation and there is no bed and mattress for one to stretch naturally.


We believe that you do not want the conditions to continue and instead, support our work to improve their environments.

Every year, we get in touch we over ten thousand people to offer immediate assistance. Together with them, we also voice our opinions to promote human-oriented policies and services which would enable them to find a way out of their predicament. For more than forty years, our idea has always been: “For people we care, For justice we act”.