Working Poor Project

Exhausted my life, I still have to worry about what to eat for tomorrow!


Even the birds in the air do not have to worry about tomorrow, but there are still more than 1.3 million people living below the poverty line in Hong Kong, worrying about the most basic food, clothing, and shelter for people to survive every day.

Work and survival are basic human rights. The daily hard work of the working masses can only meet the basic needs. If you work hard for 12 hours every day and only have enough food and clothing to help the grassroots get rid of poverty, how can a society to have equal opportunities, caring and sharing?


  • 460,000 non-CSSA working poverty population in Hong Kong
  • 129,000 elders aged 65 or above are still employed, and can’t retire
  • Tens of thousands of outsourced workers with no pension, paid lunch hours, (continuous illness less than 4 days) no paid sick leave;
  • Many part-time workers have been misled, and they have been unreasonably exploited for statutory holidays and annual leave, MPF and other labor protection.

Our service


Facing decades of obsolete poverty alleviation policies, labour legislation and lack of pension for all

Strive for improvement

Cancel the working hours allowance for working family allowances and implement a negative tax rate in the long run; review the existing labour protection legislation (including outsourcing system, maximum working hours and minimum wage discussion); and strive for a universal pension for “labor, capital and official” contributions; Formulate a “middle-aged, elderly people employment friendly policy”; legislation to protect age discrimination.


Set up a regular cash assistance scheme; relax the restrictions on working hours of working family allowances and restrictions on husband and wife; improve the living allowance for the elderly and revise the CSSA system for the 60-64 years old; the government will implement the 12-year cancellation of MPF and severance fee hedging program.