【CROWD FUNDING】Buying SIM cards and new laptops for underprivileged children

‘As Hong Kong struggles to contain a third wave of Covid-19 infections, all classes of schools remain suspended. Unfortunately, underprivileged children are unfordable to take classes online with computers.’


In view of Covid-19 epidemic, students can only continue their studies via e-learning. The lack of computers and internet facilities which lead them to have greater difficulties. In fact, 90% of underprivileged families are unable to afford the cost of buying such facilities.


During the last few months, thousands of laptops and SIM cards has been lent out. Many children are still on the waiting list. Thus SoCO is raising funds for buying SIM cards and new laptops for those children. Donate and enable children to learn online!


  • Donate $300 – You can help one child to buy a 100G SIM card
  • Donate $4,000 – You can help one child to buy a new laptop


Enquiry: 2713 9165