Care Under the Lion Rock

Charity Concert for the Alleviation of Poverty


After waves of pandemic, the life of grassroot citizens in Hong Kong become more difficult due to unemployment and lack of resources.
SoCO’s charity concert aims to spread love and hope for all you amazing people to wipe away all your stress, worries and unhappiness. Together we will pull through this obstacle and move forward as a whole community!
We sincerely invite all of you to donate, sponsor and participate in our charity concert to help the poverty of the have-nots’ community. With your assistance, we can make this concert more meaningful by giving the community a unique musical piece of harmony together.

SoCO-'Care Under the Lion Rock' Charity Concert


Gustav Mahler Orchestra

Refiners Drums

funMusic Chorus

Wa Ying Chrous

Hong Kong Hearts in Hearts Chorus

Via Cantor

SoCO children Chinese Orchestra

SoCO children choir

SoCO children dancing group

Ms. Tse Wing Shan

Mr. Xu Yi Lun


Date:19 September 2022 (Monday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui

SoCO will acknowledge donations of $30,000 or above as a BRONZE sponsor; $50,000 or above as a SILVER sponsor; $100,000 or above as a GOLD sponsor; $200,000 or above as DIAMOND sponsor, which will be published in the housing programme, press release, SoCO website and Facebook. Please confirm the date by 10th August 2022.
(all proceeds will be donated to support SoCO’s work to alleviate poverty).


Ms. Sze / Mr. Wong

Tel.:2713 9165 / 9152 4331

Fax:2761 3326

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If you want to choose tickets in the VIP area and intend to donate more than $2,000, please include the numbers of tickets you need and the number of tickets for sponsoring the have-nots community in the “remark” column of donation page.

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