Loan Services

In order to shed direct light on challenges which underprivileged families face in Hong Kong, SoCO had organized photo exhibitions throughout these years. Now, we are organizing the “Artwork on Loan” scheme to engage the attention. Welcome to apply our loan services.

Application method

If you interested in our loan services, please make a prior booking, return the completed form by fax : 2761 3326. Should you have any question, please feel contact us at 2713 9165.

Download the application form

Rules and regulations of loan Service

  1. Only one set of exhibitions to be borrowed at a time. The period is no more than one month.
  2. The weekly fee for loan services is HK$600.
  3. We will not provide delivery services. The applicant should make their own arrangements for delivery.
  4. We arrange the applications on a first-come-first-served basis. In case of any disputes in relation to the loan services, the decision of SoCO shall be final.
  5. You must not use the exhibition for commercial purposes or for commercial gain. In case of any dispute, SoCO has sole and final discretion of interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  6. If exhibitions is defaced, lost or destroyed, it may be replaced on payment of such fee.
  7. Some applicant may have genuine difficulties in meeting the fee, please feel free to contact us. SoCO will consider applying this provision to adjust the charges accordingly.
  8. Except as expressly permitted in this Agreement, You may not (a) copy, translate, modify, create derivative works of, or otherwise use the Licensed Software or any part thereof.
  9. All incomes will be use for supporting SoCO’s work, providing support services to the grassroots and the disadvantaged.