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SoCO is a non-profitable welfare organization which was set up in 1972. Its funding comes from overseas churches, the Hong Kong Community Chest and donations from individuals.


For more than 32 years, we in SoCO have witnessed the various changing faces of Hong Kong’s social and economic transformation. During our daily work, we deeply feel the hardship faced by those from the poorest levels of our community. People who worked quietly over the past decades and survived by living from hand to mouth and yet, they now neither live with dignity nor share the fruits of economic development. Under the surface of prosperity lives a community that has fallen into oblivion. In cramped and crowded cages and dilapidated private tenements are found, lonely old people, residents in old public housing estates, new immigrants, children living in poverty, street-sleepers, low-paid workers, and common people whose voices are not heard. They have long been the targets for our service.


We firmly believe that everyone should have the same rights. We are also convinced that an equal chance of development and a system which reasonably allocates social resources is the basis for protecting citizen’s rights. For many years, we have organized people at the grassroots level through community organization and social action to fight for policy change and a decent living standard.


Behind our work lies a simple belief : to establish a society in which human dignity is respected and social justice is upheld.





在香港這華麗富裕的都市,孩子該都是矜貴驕人的寶貝,可是在舊區的街上,卻看到用小手撿紙皮維生、努力在板間房尋覓學習空間的小孩子,面對崎嶇前路,他們奮力前進,他們是如斯落力演活生命。這些孩子的奮發拼搏,更彰顯兩個世界的距離是何其大! 都是寶貝,為何命運如斯不同?


不少成功人士談起成功之道,總少不了小時候曾住板間房、兼工讀書等幾項辛酸往事,社會認為這是成功必經之路,所以對於今日香港貧窮問題,大家的想法是肯捱就可以。 可是,香港今日的貧窮懸殊狀況,告訴我們背後有著更多肯捱卻捱不過去的人。 況且今日香港又是否如同往日?




我們應該感謝這些孩子們,他們勇敢地站出來為我們呼喚香港的良心! 我們更要感謝義工們及畢馬威會計師事務所的支持,他們為孩子們燃點希望,也為這炎涼的都市,燒了一把暖火,期盼凝聚更多有心人。

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