“Humanity in COVID”

Life is like a drama. You cannot guess when you will win or lose. It is full of ups and downs. As the tidal waves of the times tumble relentlessly, the grassroots are pushed to the edge of the storm. In the distant past, boats were broken during typhoons and it was uncertain when the boat dwellers could be accommodated ashore. Recently, when the pandemic sweeps across the world and causes incessant waves of unemployment. The grassroots remain suffering from high rents. The underprivileged community is fragile and powerless in the general environment.



LIFE STORIES OF THE HOMELESS About exhibition According to the government’s Census and Statistics Department’s announcement in February 2021, the pandemic has raised Hong Kong’s unemployment rate to 7%, the highest in seventeen years. SoCO also notice a rising trend of first-time street-sleepers. In May 2020, SoCO conducted a study of street-sleepers not receiving comprehensive [...]
By Vienna | 2021


有關出版 About the Publication 案底都洗都洗唔清                監獄改革爭取中 沖涼水忽冷忽熱                   立法禁案底歧視 單獨囚禁無上限                   有熱水沖涼淋浴 沒有打電話權利                   獨囚上限十五日 每日發八格廁紙                   囚犯可以打電話 自己人查自己人    [...]

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ReCyle · ReSkill · Re Create via just One Tie!


Homeless – Life Stories in Hong Kong and Taiwan

SoCO has partnered with Homeless Taiwan to present “Homeless – Life Stories in Hong and Taiwan” Exhibition to allow the public to take a detailed look at their stories through these fading images.

By Vienna | Year . Exhibition Theme . 2019 . Homeless

Her · Tie · Journey · 她

‘Tie.Journey.她’ is a special exhibition created by grassroots sewing mothers and local artists which depict Hong Kong local specialties. It also demonstrates how men and women can bond together and support each other on their life journey by simply sharing a necktie.


Ex-offenders Photo Exhibition

‘Prisoners’ Ex-offenders Photo Exhibition seeks an accommodative rather than a judgmental view of those who have made mistakes. The exhibition intends to seek the public’s understanding and acceptance of those who made mistakes, thereby supporting the re-integration of ex-offenders into society.


Trapped – Photo Exhibition on Grassroots Housing in Hong Kong

In 2016, Society for Community Organization (SoCO) are working with photographer Benny Lam again to jointly organize a “Living Under Constraint” photo exhibition. Over 50 new photos are included, in a sequence of six series, all showing life in the 100sq ft “flats”.


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Prior Social Housing Limited

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SoCO New World

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Grassroot Health Center

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Address: 7A/F, Posco Building, 165 Un Chau Street,

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